3-in-1 Folding Chair, Thermal Bag and Rucksack

  • €31.80 eur

The 3-in-1 Folding Chair, Thermal Bag and Rucksack is ideal for your escapes to the countryside or when you go to the beach! The chair has a metal structure and a foldable chair (40 cm high). The thermal bag-refrigerator allows you to keep your cans cold for hours. It has enough space for 18 beverage cans or several 1.5L/2L bottles. In addition, the rucksack features two extra pockets, which are perfect for keeping your cards and money or some devices, such as your mobile phone, tablet or even small magazines. Carrying the 3-in-1 Chair, Bag and Rucksack is very easy and has two padded straps to carry it on your back and a small handle if you prefer to take it with just one hand.