Camping Water Barrels

  • €18.38 eur

Take your drinks anywhere this summer with this convenient set of camping water barrels ! These plastic barrels with double wall are perfect for water, soft drinks, beer, wine, etc. They all have a plastic lid and handle (except the smallest barrel, which has a fabric handle for hanging), and also a spout on the lid to pour the drink. They can be stored one inside the other to save space. Essential for all campers who want the full camping experience.

Assorted colours shipped at random depending on available stock.


  • Big barrel (drink dispenser with small tap): 7.5 L and approx 33 cm of height x 22 cm of diameter
  • Medium barrel: 2.4 L and approx. 25 cm of height x 15 cm of diameter
  • Small barrel (camping water bottle type): 1.25 L and approx. 20 cm of height x 11 cm of diameter