Magic Cleaning Gloves With Brushes (2 pack)

  • €9.80 eur
  • Save €5.40 eur

There will always be some surfaces in the home that are hard to clean, where dirt is worn-in more than usual and a normal scouring sponge just isn't enough to get rid it. With the Magic Cleaning Gloves with brushes (2 pack) this is no longer an issue, given that the brushes are capable of cleaning a huge range of surfaces such as taps, tile grouting, windowsills, bike wheels and chains, tyres, ovens, delicate surfaces, and much more.


  • Each glove has 5 brushes
  • Soft bristles
  • Protects hands and nails
  • Perfect for washing machines
  • One size (aprox.: 14 x 27.5 cm)
  • Made from PVC