Fresh Cooling Mat

  • €64.94 eur
  • Save €30.96 eur

To ensure that summer doesn't catch you unprepared, get the Fresh cooling mat now! Just lie down on it to feel a cooling effect directly on your skin, although it can also be used with thin clothing or a protective cover, depending on the desired degree of coolness. This foam mat covered in a soft foam layer of cooling gel gives you a pleasant cooling sensation for several hours, reducing your body temperature by a few degrees.  


  • Made with high quality gel and foam
  • Can be used in direct contact with skin or with a protective cover (not included)
  • Perfect for placing on beds, sofas, car seats, deck chairs, etc.
  • It can be put in fridges or freezers before use to increase the intensity and duration of the cooling effect
  • Approx. dimensions: 75 x 160 cm