Handy Vacuum Clothes Bag

  • €9.70 eur
  • Save €5.00 eur

We bring you the Handy Vacuum Clothes Bag! A practical and handy storage bag for storing clothes, it is particularly useful for winter clothes, blankets, quilts, etc. This bag organiser is a simple and hygenic way to store clothes in wardrobes, drawers and box rooms protecting them from water, dirt, smells, etc. Simply place the garments inside, bring the vacuum cleaner up to the opening, suck out all the air and put the cap on, thus making it completely air tight. 

  • Made of polythene
  • Easy to use
  • Opening to suck out the air with cap
  • Airtight seal
  • Saves space and makes it easier to keep your home tidy
  • Approx. dimensions: 100 x 130 cm
  • Packaging in 24 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Slovenian, Greek, Czech, Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovakian, Estonian, Russian and Latvian)