Slimming Belt Girdle

  • €11.84 eur

If you're worried about those extra kilos and want to achieve a slimmer, more attractive figure, the Slimming Belt Girdle is the perfect solution! A fast and simple way to help to eliminate the retention of liquids thanks to its sauna effect. This slimming and moulding girdle provides support for the back and helps to mould the abs.


The Slimming Belt is the best ally for losing weight! This is a sturdy neoprene girdle which can be used for practising sports, doing exercise, etc. Unisex. One size. Approx. length: 85-127 cm. Approx. width: 25 cm. It has a zip and 5 fastenings for the best fit. Composition: neoprene (65 %) and polyester (35 cm).