Chest Expanders for Gym Training

  • €55.20 eur

We bring you the latest trend in home fitness and training: the chest expanders for gym training. With this suspension training system, you'll be able to develop your strength and noticeably improve the flexibility, balance and stability of the body's core. Don't worry if you feel that you're not in shape as the chest expanders is designed for both those people who are not physically fit and those who are very athletic. This is because you train using your own gravitational centre and you are able to carry out a low or high intensity exercise (depending on the degree of inclination of the body).

The Gym chest expander has been designed to resist intensive use by incorporating an extremely long-lasting and ultra-resistant nylon loop equalizer and two grips of rigid rubber with an ergonomic design, to offer a greater comfort during the training. Moreover, each Just Up Gym includes an instruction manual with exercises and a transportation bag.

NOTE: Does not include DVD.