Wonderful Pedal-Operated Fountain

  • €28.40 eur

Spoil your pets and reward their loyalty with the Wonderful Pedal-Operated Fountain! Your pets will be able to drink water straight out of the tap anytime they want, all they have to do is press the pedal to get the water going. The hose can be directly connected to an exterior tap or through a Y connector.


  • Approx. 1 m of plastic hose with 26.5 mm (3/4 ") female thread
  • Plastic Y connector with 1 female thread and 2 3/4" male threads
  • Metal base with spring pedal: 24 x 5 x 25 cm
  • It has 4 holes in the base to fix to the floor if desired (doesn't include assembly accessories)
  • Screw regulator on the water inlet valve