Nintendo New 2DS XL Nintendo 223594 4 GB microSDHC Black Turquoise

Nintendo 2DS XL HW Handheld Console - Black and Turquoise

  • €142.86 eur

  • The 2-screen gaming action that still fits in your bag or pocket and a huge range of games to pick from, this is the perfect way to enjoy portable gaming action.

    With a large 4.88 inch screen, and weighing in at around 260g, the 2DS XL console's new features includes a C Stick and ZL/ZR Buttons, giving expanded control options.  The C Stick allows for sensitive controls depending on how hard you press.

    Near-field communication (NFC) is built into the lower screen. If you touch an amiibo (sold separately) against it while enjoying compatible software, you can read and write data on the amiibo and enhance your games in surprising new ways! This is perfect for all those who wish to have fun on the go.
  • Screen: yes
  • 2D
  • microSDHC: yes