Portable Bag Resealer

  • €9.99 eur
  • Save €4.00 eur


After putting new batteries,  please preheat the sealer by pressing 5 seconds before using at plastic bags.

Easy, convenient to use and storage, great ideal for home use.

Perfect reseal unused portions of food, snack, seasoning, ingredient, keep the freshness.

Provide protection against the tide, mould proof.

A magnet on the based can be adsorbed on the metal surface.

How to use:

1. Open the battery cover, install two pieces AA batteries.

2. Before use, open the lock cover, first warm the machine body up (Press 5 seconds).

3. Hold the plastic bag in one hand and place the sealer in the middle of the plastic bag in the other hand,

press on the plastic bag, and slowly move the sealer to seal.

4. Turn over The plastic bag, continue seal the rest side, slow moving seal. (The thin plastic bag maybe tear off after sealing, is a normal phenomenon.)

5. After use, please pull the safety lock cover up and remove the batteries.