Xiaomi Mi 8 6,21" Octa Core 6 GB RAM 64 GB

  • €414.61 eur

  • Ultra-thin four-sided curved body

    Lightweight and curved on all four sides, amazing hand-feel

    Curved-edge glass body in an 7000 series aluminum alloy frame.

    6.21” AMOLED Full Screen Display

    Mi 8's brilliant Full Screen Display measures 6.21" (diagonal). 
    A phone of this size would traditionally have a 5.5" display.

    • 60000:1High contrast
    • DCI-P3Wide color gamut
    • 86.68%Screen to body ratio
    • 18.7:92248x1080 resolution

    Dual-frequency GPS

    Exceptionally accurate navigation

    Mi 8 is the first ever smart phone equipped with dual-frequency GPS. By using both L1
    and L5 signals in coordination, accuracy is improved to unprecedented levels.

    AI dual camera with optical zoom

    DxOMark photo score: 105

    1.4μm large pixels brighten and bring out the details of nightscape photos. 
    SLR-quality dual pixel auto focus allows the Mi 8 to snap photos rapidly.

    SONY IMX363
    Optical zoom
    4-axis optical stabilization
    1.4μm large pixels
    Dual camera designed for portraits
    Dual pixel autofocus
    12MP + 12MP 
    dual camera
    Hardware multi-frame noise reduction

    7 Studio Lighting Modes

    Easily shoot portraits with studio-like lighting, powered by AI

    Mi 8 is a portrait studio in your pocket. Instantly transport your portrait to the shadow under a summer tree, or beneath a window where gentle rays shine through.

    • Shutter

      Soft rays shine through the shadows to create a powerful contrast between light and dark

      Note: Will be available via OTA (see footnote for details).

    AI short video editing

    Instant cinematic quality

    On the street or at home, shoot attractive short videos with ease. With 7 AI-powered effects, you can edit, add music and mix colors to give your video the feeling of Hollywood trailer.

      • Movie
      • Epic
      • Metropolis
      • Halo
      • Upbeat
      • Stop motion
    • Dynamic

    AI scene scape photography

    Intelligently detects 206 scenes 
    Real-time optimisation

    The AI camera can distinguish between 206 common scenes and automatically adjusts exposure, saturation and other optimisations.

    • AI scene detection

      Automatic optimisations capture 
      vast scenic beauty

    • AI nightscape recognition

      Smarter analytics means clearer 
      nightscape photos

    • AI portrait recognition

      Spectacular portraits are instant 
      and effortless

    20MP front camera

    3D Beautify blurs backgrounds for stunning portraits

    Powerful analytic capabilities couple with 1.8μm large pixel (4-in-1 Super Pixel) technology to produce clearer, brighter selfies. 
    The newly upgraded 3D Beautify uses AI to blur backgrounds with a single camera. It's as if each shot is taken in front of a studio canvas.

    3D Beautify

    Highlights features and shows a real-time preview

    AI analyzes every facial feature and creates a 3D model, which it uses to highlight features and capture your best self. It can even detect the angle of the shot to ensure that your selfies are always natural.

    • Slender
    • Big eyes
    • Nose
    • Risorius
    • Lips
    • Chin

    Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845

    Flagship processor

    The Snapdragon™ 845 is another leap forward in performance from Qualcomm®. 
    Whether you're switching between multiple apps or battling the enemy in an intense game, this processor is an indispensable tool.

    IR face unlock

    Instant face unlocking even in darkness

    Note: Only available in certain regions.

    Multifunction NFC

    Not just your phone—your wallet too 
    Supports Android Pay

    Mi 8 Explorer Edition

    Transparent glass body. Stand out from the crowd.

    Available only in the Mi 8 Explorer Edition:

    3D structured-light face unlock

    More secure face recognition

    The forefront of facial recogntion tech in the space of a square inch. An infrared camera, flood illuminator, dot projector and more combine to form the structured-light 3D scanner. It’s a more secure way to unlock with a glance

    AR emojis

    By capturing the movement of 52 facial muscles, these animated friends are able to imitate not only your facial expressions, but your voice too.

    World's first pressure sensitive 
    in-screen fingerprint sensor

    A highly sensitive pressure sensor that improves the rate of fingerprint recognition. When unlocking, it also vibrates the finger to complete the unlocking experience.

    Screen: 6,21"
  • Resolution:
    • Full HD+
    • 2248 x 1080 px
    • AMOLED
  • Processor: Octa Core 2.8 GHz
  • RAM Memory: 6 GB
  • Capacity: 64 GB
  • Camera:
    • Dual
    • 12 + 12 MP
  • Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • WIFI 5 Ghz
  • Dual SIM: yes
  • Rechargeable lithium battery: 3400 mAh
  • Operating System: Android 8.1 Oreo