Women's Warm Microwavable Boots

  • €15.90 eur
  • Save €6.09 eur

Buy the Women's Warm Microwavable Boots at the best price.Make having cold feet at home a thing of the past! These microwavable boots are the most comfortable and relaxing footwear around. The Warm Hug Feet boots have a heating system which conserves the warmth, providing a pleasant sensation of relief and relaxation for tired and aching feet. In addition, they have a zip so that you can remove the bags of seeds from the inside easily and conveniently. Simply heat the seed bags for 90 seconds in the microwave, put them back into the boots, and they will stay warm for approx. 90 minutes. The ideal accessory for combatting the cold winter! Made of a soft, high-quality fabric and with anti-slip soles.


Sizes (approx. equivalences):

  • S (35 to 38)
  • M (38 to 41)
  • L (41 to 43)

Please always respect the heating limits for the microwave:

  • 800 W
  • 80 ºC
  • 90 sec